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Get the "wedding hair" that you've always wanted!

Join our hundreds of clients who have put their trust in our product and had the most beautiful hair on their wedding day.

Wedding season can be stressful; long fitting sessions and lots of money spending. Not to mention the fear of entering a completely new chapter in life. Many brides-to-be have a hard time even remembering to have breakfast before heading out to yet another appointment with a wedding planner.

According to Web MD; most upcoming brides and even bridesmaids feel malnourished and lightheaded in the days leading up to the big day, and that takes a toll on their physical looks, mental health and level of energy they have. With low nutritional levels; it’s normal for people to look pale, have dull, lifeless hair, and to break out in zits.

According to doctors, the solutions to these issues are:

, using hair serums that include healthy oils and herbs -such as Shahd Beauty’s 30 day hair spa serum – and to drink lots of water to help hydrate the body.

Tip #1 - Vitamins B12 and C

Tip #2 - using hair serums that include healthy oils and herbs

such as Shahd Beauty’s 30 day hair spa serum.

Tip #3 - to drink lots of water to help hydrate the body

Tip #4 - calories, vitamins, protein

Providing the body with a proper amount of calories, vitamins, protein and rest is fundamental for brides in order to look and feel good on your wedding day. You wouldn’t want to pass out or look messy while marrying the love of your life, would you?

Your hair is one of the biggest factors that contribute to your overall look and confidence -even if you wear the hijab – a good hair day could give you a confidence boost powerful enough to move mountains; so applying a gentle but powerful serum such as the 30 day hair spa serum would tame your frizz and if used for long-enough, would even give you some extra length. Also the X3 hair mask would give your hair a shinier look and treat split ends.

Also remember to massage your scalp and add Biotin rich foods to your diet; such as Salmon, eggs, bananas, Spinach, Nuts, etc.

Finally; remember to enjoy your day & make great memories!

Leave a comment below with all your questions.

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