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Mission Velvet

Mission Velvet

Mission velvet is new technology to repair and condition your hair after each shower .

Mission velvet will replace any other product you use to condition your hair and/or treat it after die.

Mission velvet is completely easy-to- wash mask which protect your hair from the roots to the ends , by coating strands with a natural protective mask that will completely repair your hair in 15 minutes only.

Mission velvet conditioner works perfectly and exceptionally before shampoo unlike conventional conditioners , our unique routine before shampoo will help leaving your hair clean without residues and also will cause a decent volume to your hair.

Unlike conventional conditioners , mission velvet is 0 ٪؜ chemicals,whatever was the name of the compound, we used only oils and butters , in a word , it is the nature itself.


    Size : 250gr, enough for 10 uses, 1 months at least

    Infused scents, strong herbal traces

    Functions: HAIR Repair, detangling, intensive repair, fastest on earth

    color: creamy




    Shahd Beauty has the most sophisticated shipping system, equipped with professional hard-end special made package made to resist damage.

    All orders leaves warehouse in 24 hours maximum, post to confirmed orders state to insure the best delivery experience ever

  • Directions of use

    Apply 1 table spoon gently on a wet hair twice a week

    start your routine from strands, until the ends

    periods varries according with hair condition:

    15 minutes pre shampoo for smooth hair

    post shampoo for extemly damaged\ brittle\dry hair

    rinse off well with water or shampoo

    please dont touch the scalp with mission velvet !

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