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The 30 Days Hair SPA

The 30 Days Hair SPA

🔹 made of 100% natural oils and extracts

🔹heals hair damage caused by dyeing and hair dryers

🔹adds a brilliant shine and a glossy look like no other

🔹Stimulates growth of new hair (baby hair)

🔹Moisturizes the hair and help styling curly hair

🔹causes hair growth during a record period (15 days)when using it regularly

🔹Contains more than 18 amino acids (proteins)

🔹Stimulates and activates hair follicles and renews activity

🔹With active antifungal properties, regulates sebum production, to achieving dandruff free hair and remain on sufficient moisture.

🔴Guaranteed results within 30 days , total natural and safe 100%nent smile on your beautiful face.


    Size : 100ml , enough for 16 uses, 60 days at least

    Infused scents, strong herbal traces

    Functions: TOTAL HAIR Repair, fastest on earth

    color: dark green




    Shahd Beauty has the most sophisticated shipping system, equipped with professional hard-end special made package made to resist damage.

    All orders leaves warehouse in 24 hours maximum, post to confirmed orders state to insure the best delivery experience ever

  • Directions of use

    Apply 5 to 8 ml gently on a wet hair twice a week

    start your routine from scalp,roots,strands, until the ends

    periods varries according with hair condition:

    45 minutes on "dry hair " for extreamly falling hair condition

    one hour for thin falling hair 

    one hour with hot towel for regular hair

     two - up to 8 hours for healthy hair

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