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Mental health and how it affects your looks!

Our mental health and physical appearance go hand in hand and have a directly proportional relationship. Let’s explore it.

Our minds – not unlike our bodies – need to be nourished and taken care of in order to function at their best. According to the World Health Organisation, a mentally healthy person has the mental capacity to prioritise their image and how they want to be presented. This includes – but is not limited to: hairstyling, makeup, nice clothes, etc.... they also don't eat healthy food or get exercise; which tremendously helps in looking and feeling good.

Unfortunately; sometimes when we are feeling down; we tend to overlook how we usually like to look. According to Web MD; a person struggling with depression is less likely to brush their hair or even brush their teeth. And as one’s physical looks deteriorate; so does their confidence and self esteem; causing them to be more depressed.

The good news is: there are solutions to these issues! Your mental health would severely improve if you:

1) Try visiting a therapist.

2) Eat foods that boost serotonin (AKA the happiness hormone) like: Salmon, chocolate, nuts, etc.

3) Also try jogging; according to psychiatrist Dr. Omnya Al Azazy; it boosts endorphins – which are also feel-good hormones.


As to your physical appearance that you want to improve and be proud of; here’s a few tips:

1) Try to buy clothes that are flattering and comfy.

2) Wearing winged eyeliner could severely boost the confidence of any woman.

3) Try the 30 day hair spa serum; as it’ll restore life to your hair beautifully and in a healthy way; which will give you a brand new attitude and a higher self-image.

Remember: talking to someone you trust always helps; cause you deserve to be happy!❤️

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