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My hair isn’t getting longer and my scalp is not responding to any product!

Circulating the blood by using onion Juice

Rich in sulfur, a small piece of onion is squeezed using a blender and juice is applied in a small amount on the scalp with a light massage 15 minutes before shampoo, and the process is repeated twice a week.


One of the earth's wonders, which is anti-inflammatory and sulfur-rich, works effectively on the scalp as well as when consumed continuously. It also gives the body energy and helps to push blood strongly up the body to the follicles, where it feeds and repairs them constantly. 15 minutes prior to showering, massage the scalp with a crushed garlic clove dipped in olive oil. It can be continuously used while being kept in olive oil in the refrigerator for weeks.

Aloe vera gel

is a luxurious treatment for the scalp, provided that aloe vera gel is extracted and applied immediately from the plant, knowing that it is fresh in Egypt, it is possible to maintain its effectiveness by placing it in the freezer to be frozen until use It is possible to extract it and apply it to the scalp and the rest of the hair, wait 15 minutes, and then wash it with shampoo And repeat twice a week.

Rosemary and clove spray

Recently, it became famous to use both rosemary and cloves as an easy-to-use application. Infusion of rosemary and cloves is an effective option, and it can be used more than once, provided that it does not exceed the period of keeping it in the refrigerator for more than three days and use distilled water from the pharmacy to ensure that bacteria that are not formed In turn, they prevent the active substances from working.

lemon juice

It is an antiseptic and cleanser for the scalp due to its nature, and it also refreshes the scalp and stirs blood by using it as juice for ten minutes before the shower.

The 30 days serum

45-minute routine from scalp to ends A holistic scalp treatment, with cleansing, moisturizing and soothing, as well as circulating blood and refreshing it with natural healing oils

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