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Do you know what your hair needs?

Do you know what are the most important oils that your hair needs?

Hair needs about 7 oils to get adequate nourishment and hydration

The most important oils that hair needs are:

  1. Moroccan Argan oil

The argan tree grows in Morocco, and argan oil is extracted from it. Argan oil has important benefits because it contains vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants that provide hair with food and protective factors, and helps repair hair. Moroccan argan oil helps greatly to protect hair from heat and reduce hair frizz.

If your hair is weak and dry, it needs vitamin E and fatty acids, which are 100% natural in the Mission Velvet mask.

2. Violet oil (lavender)

Lavender or violet oil is one of the very special oils due to its antibacterial properties. It has a special and distinctive role in relieving and ending inflammation of the scalp and dandruff.

3. Chamomile oil

Chamomile has great and important benefits for hair, because it helps calm the scalp in high temperature and the sun, and fully protects against dandruff, and strengthens the hair strand to keep it from breaking.

That is why the 30-Days Hair Spa serum will provide you with chamomile oil in an appropriate proportion to preserve your hair.

4. Rosemary oil

Concentrated rosemary oil is characterized by its ability to penetrate the scalp and preserve the natural oils in the scalp, in addition to its important role in enhancing hair color and preventing graying.

This is why the 30-Days Hair Spa serum is the right product for you if you want to dye your hair but are afraid of changing the color, because the 30-day serum contains concentrated rosemary oil.

5. Avocado oil

Avocado oil is rich in all the healthy fats that hair and skin need, and these fats give hair high hydration, protecting it from breakage, repairing damage caused by the use of heat tools and moisturizing dry follicles.

This is why a Mission Velvet is frolic Mask, among its ingredients, is avocado oil, to provide the hair with complete care and protection from heat tools.

6. Olive oil

It is one of the best and most powerful oils to moisturize hair from roots to ends, and it also contains vitamin E, which helps greatly to strengthen stressed hair.

It is one of the most important elements in the 30-Days Hair Spa serum to help moisturize the hair as it grows long.

7. Wheat Germ oil

The wonderful and fastest solution to eliminate hair loss and promote hair growth, because it contains:

  • Vitamin B

  • Vitamin H

  • Proteins

  • Fatty acids that regulate the production of oils in the scalp to form a natural protection for the hair roots.

Wheat germ oil is one of the most important ingredients in Mission Velvet mask to provide your hair with the most important vitamins, protein and essential acids to condition the hair significantly.

The 30-day serum and Mission Velvet mask are the magic solution to solve the problems of hair loss, tangles, frizzy hair, damaged hair, brittleness, maintaining color, and providing the most important and powerful vitamins besides the tremendous ability of the 30-day serum to prolong hair from 3 to 7 cm within a month only.

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