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The movie of the season “Bahebak"

Tamer Hosney's newest blockbuster has people lined-up to watch the romantic comedy.

In his directorial debut; heartthrob and international sensation Tamer Hosney also stars as the main characters in his newest movie – which he also wrote. The movie revolves around Ahmad; a young man who goes on vacation with his friends and there he meets Habiba; whom he falls into an enemies-to-lovers situation with. Afterwards, they get engaged to be wed. But starts to get complicated when his ex-fiancée Yasmine gets back into his life – a long while after she had deserted their wedding day when she found out she had a terminal disease; so in a selfless act she decided to let him move on with his life. Yasmine finds out about his engagement and “guilt-trips" him into falling into a “love triangle” with her and Habiba.

We won’t spoil the ending of the movie for you; but let's just say: it had the audience crying, laughing and swooning on the film’s opening night. Another point of interest that caught people’s attention was Hannah Al-zahed - the female lead's- beautiful hair. Her gorgeous long, blonde, curly locks had women all over the Arab world looking for remedies and products that would give them a similar look.

In order for your hair to be dyed blonde and also get those big curls while remaining healthy; a natural, oil-based product like the 30-day hair spa from shahd beauty is needed. Not only with it help your hair grow for up to 7-inches per month, it will also tame it’s frizz and give it a head-turning, beautiful texture.

This movie with its awesome cast, relatable characters and hilarious script have been on everyone’s minds since it premiered. We advise you to watch it in your next movie.

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